Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life As I Know It...

Well, quite a bit has happened since the last time I posted. Life got crazier to say the least. Mike and I broke up about a month ago. Things just weren't working out and this was the best decision. We are still friends and still hang out. So it's all good. I was able to find my own apartment here in Anthem so I didn't have to make Desi change schools. That way she will still get to see all her friends and I'll get to see my friends I have up here. I really like Anthem so I'm really glad I got this condo up here. It is a 2 bedroom 2 full bathroom condo. It's got so much space and I love it. Honestly, in a way it's good to be out on my own again. I'm still getting used to it, but it's been a good change. Here is a pic of my place. I'll post pics of the inside once I get it all fixed up. I've only officially been moved in for a week so I haven't gotten all my unpacking done yet.
Desi has been gone the last 2 months with her dad up in Colorado and a little bit with her grandparents in Utah. She's been having a blast but I know she is missing home. She actually comes home this Friday and I am super excited to see her! I can't believe she is going to be 6 in less than 3 weeks. She actually starts school the day before her birthday. So looks like I'm going to be doing a little party planning soon maybe. I'm excited for her birthday at the same time cause I get to take pictures of her like I do every year before her birthday. She even expects me to do it... It's funny how much she loves having her picture taken. Here's a pic from when we facetime. Don't mind the horrible bangs....
Let's see what else... I've been catching up with old friends. It's been fun. Although, most of them are back in PA so it honestly makes me kinda homesick and makes me want to go back and visit so I can hang out with them all. It's funny how with certain friends you can kinda pick up where you left off the last time you saw them. But I'm glad for that. Oh! My friend Desi, the one I call hooker, finally graduated from college. I'm so proud of her. She is such an inspiration and did amazingly for being a mom to 3 daughters and working and providing for them. I had fun helping her get ready for her graduation. Of course she borrowed my clothes and shoes...and make up. Well that's the main things going on with me... :-)

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